The Best Way to Relax – Top shelf Hemp Nugs – The CBD Flower Bud Connoisseur

Frosted CBD Flower hemp nugs

A lot of people ask me how I relax after a long day of investigation work

The simple answers is CBD. CBD products have been helping me cope with my stress for over 5 years.

The only new addition to my CBD collection is the new hemp flowers. 2 years ago, the hemp bill arrived and made the cannabis look-alikes completely legal.

With my work being investigations, I always abide by the law in a complete manor. These new hemp flowers are completely legal and won’t even make you fail a drug test. The reason is, the buds are under .3% THC, while containing a large percentage of CBD 10-30%.

Here’s our top 3 at the #1 shop.

Girl Scout Cookies Hemp buds

#1 Winner Miami Girl Scout Cookies

This one really knocked us back in our seat!

Jack Herer Hemp Buds

#2 Jack Herer Hemp Bud!

Jack herer comes from combining northern lights with shiva skunk. This haze hybrid has a strong fruity peppery taste. With CBD content sitting at 10%. Jack herer throughout time has won countless awards from being one of the most beneficial strains regarding its medicinal value.

#3 winner NYC Diesel Hemp Nugs

#3 NYC Diesel Hemp

This bad boy is the CBD dominant cross breed from the famous NYC diesel. It’s a sativa dominant weed with an incredible head rush. This toke isn’t much of a weed high, much more like a strong cup of cappuccino. Most people smoke this and go for a jog. This Diesel is one of our favorite CBD flowers of all. Grabbing a hold of one of these exotic nugs is sure to bring with it a lemony diesel fuel flavor with it. It smokes just about the same. We pack bowls of these nugs on just about every occasion.

That’s a break down of our favorite’s from the company CBD LTD.

CBD LTD does a free giveaway on all of their products every few months so stay tuned on their website